See Spain with Trafalgar Tours “Spanish Wonder”

I have recently just returned from my latest adventure in Europe. If you would like to see all my pictures feel free to visit our Champagne Vacations Facebook page

Matt and I took a 10 day tour with Trafalgar Tours… Spanish Wonder.  We visited such wonderful cities as Madrid, Toledo (not to be confused with it’s Ohio counterpart!), Seville, Valencia, Granada and Barcelona. With stops at such beautiful monuments as the Alhambra Palace… Montserrat and many more.


We were so pleasantly surprised with what we found in Spain. I must admit… Spain was NOT on my bucket list of destinations.. this trip was more of a “well we have to go somewhere in Europe and it will be January… where would it not be cold?”. And that was our reasoning… but after taking this tour I must admit it was by far one of my favorite trips… and I would definitely go back if the chance arose…

The weather was seasonably warm which was great… the tour has only 27 people on it… which I also enjoyed, we had plenty of room to stretch out on our motorcoach and the make up of the group was more than half Australian, next was USA with a sprinkling of Indonesia, Canada and New Zealand.


If you are hesitant on taking a guided vacation because you feel like it would be too regimented or that you would feel like you couldn’t do what you want to do… have no fear, with today’s guided vacations there are many different forms to make everyone happy…

Call Champagne Vacations today… 888 877-8464 or email us and we would be more than happy to help in your planning.

Like to comment on your own guided vacation? Please submit your comments and we would be more than happy to add your 2 cents to ours!!


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Owner of Champagne Vacations and Travel Consultant for almost 20 years. If I can't go myself, I will send you there!
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5 Responses to See Spain with Trafalgar Tours “Spanish Wonder”

  1. Last month I visited a few travel destinations that I’ve found in your other articles (was looking for retreats to host our events at, and combined it with a week long vacation). I decided to stay in luxury boutique hotels in Europe, instead of large chains, and I must admit – I had an absolute blast. Breakfasts were amazing too, and, boy! – I love to eat well lol So yes, thank you for great posts!

  2. elmer mccoy says:

    Wonderful coverage! I just came back from the San Francisco airport, and boy, it’s busy. I am happy to conclude that travel industry is back to business. Corporate managers are sending their workers back on the road, as obviously, travel is vital to their companies’ success. Another good news for all of us is that U.S. enterprises are forecast to spend 5 percent more on travel in 2011 than they did last. And let’s remember, last year companies spent approximately $230 billion. If that’s not the sign of a big come back, then what is? Companies return to booking corporate retreats, which is great for us as service providers for the industry. It should be a good year, which I wish to all of you.

    • I see that you handle corporate travel… in this economy that has taken an awful beating… so I also wish you a more prosperous year! I agree.. travel consultants are important on any type of travel if the traveler wants to not only pay the best price but get the most out of their trip.. for whatever reason!

  3. Great information. Now, I have some question. We are looking to put together a vacation package for Europe for some new clients, approximately 5 travel destinations. Can you help with getting the prices right for resorts and air flights?

    • Thanks for your comment. Always happy to help match up clients with their travel destinations…. the way you ask however seems that you are an agent yourself? If so I am sure that you know of many tour companies to check with first hand… if these are clients of a different nature though you are always free to email us directly with their criteria and one of our agents that specializes in the area that they would like to visit would be more than happy to assist! Visit our website at or email us at Have a great day and thanks for your comment!

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