Using an Escorted Tour as a foundation for your vacation

What is the hardest part of traveling?  Some people will say the planning of it (use a travel agent then silly!!), some say the paying for it (I feel ya!) but I think that the hardest part of traveling many times is the actual travel itself…

Case in point, last year I took my 14 year old daughter on a “road trip”… we drove from Charlotte, NC to Baltimore , MD.  We stopped one night along the way (didn’t know where until we got there…) then spent 2 nights in Baltimore and on the way home we stopped for one night in Washington DC… sound easy?  NOT

Having borrowed a Garmin from a friend I could at least find the hotels that I had booked in advance… but everything else was difficult.  What to do once we got there?  How much did all these attractions cost?  Once we got to the attraction what should we see?  We went to the Aquarium in Baltimore, that was nice… visited the Harbor Marketplace (my daughter loves to shop).. went to see the Fort, that was interesting…  we hunted around and finally found Edgar Allan Poe’s grave (that was a trip).

After leaving Baltimore we went to Washington DC.  I made a reservation at a hotel that said it was centrally located (NOT!) the parking fees for my car were $40 for the night (so I ended up parking around the corner and having to wake up at 6 am to move the car so I wouldn’t get a ticket).  We didn’t know what to really see so we went on a hop on hop off bus tour and then tried to walk around the city to see the rest of the sights… exhausting!

By the time I drove home I was over it!

This year I am going back to my favorite form of travel with my daughter (who is now 15) and that is an escorted tour.  We had wanted to go to Europe but the airfares are just too outrageous at this time for me… so instead we are going to take an Insight Vacation here in the US.  Called the Cities of the East Coast….

The tour has 2 nights in New York City, 2 nights in Boston, 1 night in Philadelphia and 2 nights in Washington DC.  I don’t have to drive anywhere… I don’t have to park anywhere… I don’t have to worry about attractions along the way… all the “hard” parts Insight is taking care of for me!  We are staying at WONDERFUL hotels (Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers right in the Theater District, Hyatt Regency in Boston, Philadelphia Marriott Downtown and The Fairmont in Washington DC).. all 5 stars, all great locations and they could charge $60 a night to park my car I just don’t care!

This year I am doing what I tell other people to do… use an escorted tour as a FOUNDATION for your vacation. 

Now that I don’t have to worry about how to get there, where to stay etc. I can focus on what to do while I am there.  There is a little sightseeing included in the tour price in each city but also some free time to explore on our own… so a broadway show in NYC (seeing Wicked) is easy to do when I don’t have to worry about anything else.

I am meeting up with some friends on the East Coast as I travel close by their cities and I can be nice and rested when I get there because with Insight Vacations their tour sizes are limited to less than 40 passengers but they use 55 passenger motor coaches that they have taken out seats to give us more leg room… I can close my eyes and rest and listen to the tour guide (or not) as we drive from place to place!

So try using an Escorted Tour as your own foundation for your vacation this year.. whether in Europe or even here in the US… it is I believe an IDEAL way to travel with kids also.  Parents can enjoy themselves and so can the kids. 

Naturally any questions feel free to call me at 888 877 8464 or visit our website at to research pricing on tours or cruises.

If you haven’t already “liked” us on Facebook feel free… from June 25th – July 2nd we will be on the road and posting photos and stories along the way!


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