Hitting the road “solo” on a Tulips and Windmills river cruise

It has been forever since I did a post on this blog.  Not much for blogging, always preferred Facebook to keep in contact “socially” but with all the changes that Facebook has made it makes it increasingly difficult for me to say more than a couple of sentences about something and still give you the information that I want to pass along in regards to my travels… so time to pull out the old blog and dust it off!

Imagine this little boy being me.. taller and bigger and a girl... use your imagination!

I will be using the Blog for my upcoming trip to Brussels and onward…  this way I can tell you what is going on and also hopefully post some pictures.. you can interact and give your comments and what not… win win!!

I couldn’t do this in the past, but this being my first solo trip in many years I won’t have the guilt of hearing “are you on the computer again?”  “you are always working!”  I am sure others of you that are small business owners or what we refer to as “solo-preneurs” that have to work while on “vacation” hear it from your families too!

http://www.uniworld.com/Destinations/Europe/Tulips_and_Windmills here is where you can check out and see where I will be going and what I will be doing each day… My idea is that I will be able to log on each evening and tell you a little bit about what is going on… and if the internet connection is decent maybe even download and post some photos… but that is being really hopeful though!!

So if any of you have traveled in the area before and want to give me some ideas of things I “must see” or “must do” or “don’t bother” feel free to leave  your comments!  I hope that you will all at least check in on my a couple of times during my trip and say Hi….  after all I am traveling by myself so I might get lonely!


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Owner of Champagne Vacations and Travel Consultant for almost 20 years. If I can't go myself, I will send you there!
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  1. And see how easy it is to comment on my blog? Here I will comment on my first post to get the ball rolling…. “Gee Suzanne, how nice of you to take the time out of your wonderful River Cruise from Brussels to Amsterdam to let us know what you are doing and what great things you are seeing… we are SO LUCKY to have you as our friend!!”….. okay… now YOUR turn!! 🙂

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