Okay… time to get busy PACKING 101

For those of you that know how obsessive compulsive I am, the fact that it is Saturday and I haven’t even started packing yet for a trip on Tuesday…. big strides have been made in my recovery!

But thank goodness I can now start!  With the recent changes to baggage policies on international flights it is now much harder for me to pack for going overseas… before you were allowed 2 bags without being charged on US Airways (which flying from Charlotte is usually the airline I am stuck on).  Now we are down to one bag free with the second bag being $70.00…. and a weight limit of less than 50 lbs.  If you go one pound over you are paying $150.00. 

Normally though I am not too worried about the weight limit because either Ilyse or Matt is traveling with me.  At the airport you can always move things between bags or take out items and shove them in my carry-on backpack.  However on this trip I am traveling solo so unless the person behind me in line doesn’t mind taking some of my dirty clothes in their bag… I have to be careful in what I choose.

Thankfully there is a self-service laundry on the River Duchess so I am going to (for the first time) actually do laundry on vacation!  Exciting eh?

So all that said, I am going to attempt to pack the perfect amount of clothing… not overpack or underpack… not pack something that I don’t wear and not forget anything important that I would need to pay twice as much for while there to replace.

I need 10 days worth of clothing.. 10 day time “looks” and 10 night time.  One great thing about a river cruise is that there is no formal night per se.  There is the Captains Welcome Dinner and Farewell Dinner but that only means that the top I wear is a bit dressier with those dark pants and I might put a little more flashy jewelry on… no need to pack the sequin dresses or the suits for men.. a nice sports jacket is great.  Rule of thumb is don’t wear jeans to dinner… but on every river cruise I have ever been on (and this will be my 4th) there is usually someone with jeans on at dinner.  You are on vacation and you shouldn’t have to dress up if you don’t want to!!  You won’t feel out of place at any time.

So wish me luck… I am heading into the closet now and hopefully when I emerge I will be fully packed and will have nothing left behind!


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