Holland we have arrived!

It’s Saturday! (Where did Friday go? I have no idea!)… I did take a day off yesterday but just in writing, not in sightseeing. We spent our Friday in Bruges! The Venice of the North (which I heard from many of you on my previous posts that St. Petersburg likes to also claim that name).

If you haven’t been to Bruges you might also like to see the movie “In Bruges” which was filmed in the town… one of the gals on our tour said that she remembered many of the landmarks from the movie… and while we were in town having lunch our waiter downloaded the movie’s trailer onto his smart phone for us to watch!

Bruges was about an hour’s drive from where our ship was docked in Ghent a very scenic ride along the way. When we arrived we took a walking tour which included an open air boat ride (yes, the weather is still cold here but thankfully the sun came out for us in Bruges so while I was still cold I could pretend it was warmer). The tour ended up in the Market Square and we were sent out for about 3 hours to have lunch and do some shopping or sightseeing on our own… we ventured off the square to keep the cost of our lunch down. Found a very nice little restaurant that had some indoor seating (these Belgiums are tough people.. Many were eating outside… not me!) There were 6 of us so between us all we had all the “must eats” of the area… Mussels, Croquettes, Frittes (fries with mayonaise of course) and afterwards I found a stand that sells waffles and I had one with whip cream… hmmm all of that might be the reason that when I got back to the ship I didn’t feel so good and skipped dinner (WHAT… skipped a meal? Yes I spent the night in the cabin catching up on sleep. But they were nice enough to bring me a bowl of soup so I didn’t waste away to nothing).

I missed last night’s entertainment also which was a trio brought on the ship to play classical and gypsy music. La Strada… which I had seen in November while on another river cruise.

Today we are in the town of Veere (our first stop in Holland) and on our schedule we have a morning’s tour of the Delta Project which was started after the 1953 flood that practically wiped the area out. The Delta Project is perhaps the largest construction project in modern history. The project raised and strengthened the region’s dikes and added a movable barrier at Rotterdam harbor. Large areas of water were dammed and made into freshwater lakes.

After lunch today I might take out a bike and ride along the canal as it looks like there is a nice path alongside it for quite a distance. Of course weather permitting.. So far the sun hasn’t made itself known today but we can cross fingers!

Soon we will be having our nonstop flower touring… I will leave you with this picture though of a cute flower box in Bruges, they had these all over the city.. what beautiful colors!  Enjoy!!!



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2 Responses to Holland we have arrived!

  1. Darlene says:

    Hi Suzanne, I’ll pop in here to say that your comments are bringing on a case of deja vu. I hope you found the fantastic candy shop in Veere. It was just down the little street into the village; about a block from the ship’s dock.

    Also, is Tony Perkins your tour manager? You know Tony and Anna live in Ghent.

    Hope the sun comes out for Keukenhof.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thanks Darlene… as long as it isn’t raining I think I will be good! I saw that candy shop but didn’t stop in… took a very brisk walk around the whole town though… our Tour manager is Rik… a nice young guy that is from the Netherlands very close to where we are going…

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