Ah…. Floriade 2012 the first half of our flower extravaganza!

Monday already! I was just talking to a gal on the bus ride home from the Floriade and we couldn’t believe we only have 3 more days of sightseeing left and then it is back home!!

Yesterday after we left Rotterdam we visited the town of Kinderdijk where we walked out to view some windmills built in the 1700’s and we were able to go inside of one. So it was exciting to finally see the “windmills” portion of our Tulips and Windmills cruise. They were in very good shape for being so old and they were all currently still being used to lower the water levels. However, none were in motion because on Sundays they don’t work (must be a Windmill Union thing)

We were then entertained on board by a group of 35 local men singing sailor songs.. then off to dinner which was one of the best we have had so far… rack of lamb and I normally don’t like lamb but this was cooked beyond perfect!

This morning we work to an overcast sky and try as we might we couldn’t wish away the rain… so while we toured the Floriade we had off and on rain, but it didn’t dampen the spirits…. it was a really nice Expo with many countries being highlighted… of course my favorite area was where they had all the bulbs. It just is getting us all warmed up for Keukenhof day after tomorrow.

I would really recommend, if you are going to be anywhere close to Holland this summer (up until October) to take a day and go to the Floriade in Venlo. I am sure as the months go by this exhibit will be better and better.. some pavilions were still setting up since they just opened their doors on the 5th of April.

Now here is where I would say that I am leaving you with some photos of what we saw in the Floriade… however, for the last two days I have tried to download pictures but to no avail…. so i am having to post this without photos!  And it pains me to do so because the pictures are beautiful… if I can’t post pictures anymore I promise when I get back next week I will post them from my own internet service which hopefully is better than the ships!!


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2 Responses to Ah…. Floriade 2012 the first half of our flower extravaganza!

  1. I love your updates Susan, can’t wait to hear about Keuk! Got my tickets for April 20th! Safe travels!

  2. jrivas8683 says:

    Great! Thanks for sharing!

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