I have pinched myself a thousand times.. bummer, back to reality!

I have had the same recurring nightmare for the past 6 days… I wake up and no one has prepared me coffee, there is no array of delicious foods waiting for me to choose them… no one has planned my day to include seeing a new and wonderful sight… no one is cleaning up after me, dinner has not been prepared and I have to fill up my own wine glass… and to make this nightmare worse there are actually OTHER people who are expecting me to do all of THAT for THEM!!!

Vacation is over and I am back into the routine of everyday life… ah to live the life of leisure!  What can save me from these doldrums? Well of course it is the fact that I have another river cruise planned the end of July… hopefully I can HANG ON that long… cross your fingers!

It is good though to be back home and thanks to all of you that sent me emails telling me how much you enjoyed following my blog on the latest trip….  I know that many times people don’t like to comment publicly on blogs, that is fine, I appreciated your emails… thanks for following me and please share me with your friends (in a non-creepy way of course)

As I was going through 10 days of mail that had accumulated while I was gone (you know, throwing out the bills and looking through the junk mail.. or is that backwards?) I came across an article in one of my many travel agent magazines that I wanted to just share a little bit with you…

This article was written by Dave Stockert and appears in the April 2012 Vacation Agent Magazine….

“Only he who has traveled the road knows where the holes are deep” Chinese Proverb.  A great travel agent is like an experienced river guide – he or she knows the rocks to avoid and the right side of the river to navigate.  A great guide leads you safely down the river while helping you find the maximum fun.  Great travel agents do much the same for their clients – presenting the best cruise, identifying the pitfalls and, most of all, finding the most fun.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job! I love travel and that is one of the major reasons that I went into this profession. (Quite by accident also as my degrees were not pointed in this direction at all!)  I  kid around and say “I travel for you my clients.. it is a tough job but someone has to do it” but literally that is the truth… how can I give you suggestions, pointers… dangers to look out for, if I have never left my desk?  Sure many times I rely on the input from passengers when they return but the best advice is first hand… does it KILL me to travel for you? well probably no… but am I ultimately traveling to help you out in your future trips… definitely!

So just remember, the next time I go away… don’t envy me, just think of all the trauma I am willing to go through to help YOU with your next trip…. being treated like a Queen one minute and then just as quickly being thrown back into the dungeon that is my life, upon my return home..

What do I miss the most though?  That little chocolate on my pillow at night… my cats have tried to help me capture that though with little hairballs left lovingly on my comforter…. JULY HURRY UP AND GET HERE!!


If I can help you with any travel plans… you know where to find me!  888 877 8464 or info@achampagnevacation.com!~


About Champagne Vacations

Owner of Champagne Vacations and Travel Consultant for almost 20 years. If I can't go myself, I will send you there!
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4 Responses to I have pinched myself a thousand times.. bummer, back to reality!

  1. Lorraine says:

    You know life is tough when you have to pour your own wine, Suzanne! Thanks for sharing your good humor!

  2. Joy says:

    Love your comments and of course your wonderful sense of humor! Where to in July?

    • Hi Joy! Off doing the Paris and Normandy cruise on the 29th of July with Ilyse this time…. she should really enjoy it and I haven’t done that itinerary yet… I really am looking forward to doing the Normandy excursion.

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