The Joys of Planning Ahead…

Have you ever noticed that when you feel like you are planning WAY ahead you find yourself one day playing catch-up?

Being a Virgo and very anal, I always try my hardest to make sure that I have crossed all my T’s and dotted my I’s.  But then I wake up and find out that somehow, something has slipped through  my organizational radar and I am running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

So today I am going to help you out… I found a website: make it a favorite and you will always know… within the second… how many days you have left until Christmas… and I AM an equal opportunity organizer, so here you have a link to help out with Chanukah  Not as pretty as the Xmas clock… sorry all I could find…

So, why you ask for all this talk of how far away are the holidays?  I am glad you asked that!  Because before you know it they are going to be here.. and you will be looking at each other and saying… “Why didn’t we just go away this year and celebrate the holidays somewhere else?”  THEN it will be too late, you will be stuck!

However, thanks to the careful planning of your Virgo friend Suzanne, THIS year you will be looking at each other and saying “Thank goodness for Suzanne and her careful planning!!  I can’t believe we are packing and heading off to Vienna and celebrating the Holidays on a river cruise through those beautiful Christmas Markets of Austria and Germany!!!  She is just THEE best!” (Okay maybe that last sentence might not be uttered.. but the others could!!)

This was a VERY long way of telling you that I have a special group rate on the European Holiday Markets cruise with Uniworld Boutique River Cruises for December 15th – 22nd from Vienna to Nuremburg!  On this sailing we not only have special group pricing but this is also a sailing that is waiving that single supplement… so even if you don’t have a traveling partner THIS year you can still get away and not have to pay any extra (and you singles know how much most companies charge you when you travel!)  Take a look for more information on my website:

Now.. that particular Christmas Market isn’t the only one in town… I just happen to have better pricing on that one than on others… but the Christmas Market cruises start the last week of November and continue on until just about the week prior to Christmas… most of the Markets close up around the 23rd…. If you want to be gone over BOTH holidays of Christmas and New Years then Uniworld has a wonderful 2 week cruise from Nuremburg to Budapest called what else?  Grand Christmas and New Year’s Cruise… this year it has a departure date of December 22nd and it will be on the River Empress.

So you are very welcome!  I am sure that by now you are thinking… “Wow Suzanne you have solved all my holiday problems.. whether I want to go away myself over the holidays or give the gift of a river cruise to my loved ones 🙂 You have covered all my bases!”   How sweet of you to say but really I am just wonderful like that.. no thanks necessary!

For more information on the Holiday River Cruises that are currently available just give me a call at 888 877 8464 or drop me an email at!





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