How I deal with the stresses of everyday life…..

I am sure you can guess the answer to that statement… by always having a trip planned! 

Sure I could go on medication or have a weekly visit with a counselor… or I could imbibe in drinking mass quantities of red wine (wait… I already do that).  What I chose to help me make it through the night though is to always have a trip planned… something to think about when I just want to pull out my hair or the hair of others…

Now, I am blessed I know, because as a travel agent I have access to more offers of trips and many times these trips can be viewed as a learning tool or selling tool in my business.  If you know what I mean Mr. I.R.S. agent….. but even a quick trip to the mountains or the beach… driving 2 hours out of your own city to someplace either new or a favorite spot can still release the tension of your every day existence…

Lately I have been traveling up to the mountains and visiting Cherokee, NC.  It is a quick drive of about 2 1/2 – 3 hours… just long enough.. with a little stop in Asheville either coming or going to break up the drive it is a wonderful getaway that makes me feel like I have actually taken a trip but I have only been gone for the night, my cats haven’t even started to miss me and in-turn ignore me on my return… instead they look at me with that face that says “gee, were you in the bathroom this whole time?”

My latest “stress-reliever” is the river cruise that I will be taking my daughter Ilyse on to help celebrate the fact that she turned 16 this the end of July.  We will be cruising along the Seine River in France from Paris northward to Honfleur and the Normandy Beaches and then back to Paris.  7 days of which we will be seeing not just the beauty of Paris but also Giverny and Monet’s house.  The town of Rouen with its stunning Gothic Cathedral (I love Gothic architecture, it is by far my favorite). 

Of course the highlight of the cruise will be the visit to the Normandy Beaches and the D-Day museum.  There is also another option of going instead to Bayeaux to the Tapestry museum but I think that going to the WWII Memorial at Normandy will be a far more moving experience to take my 16-year-old to…. She thinks the highlight will be shopping in the boutiques of Paris (poor kid… she doesn’t realize how much $$$ a travel agent actually makes!!)

So next time you are talking to me, or emailing me or chatting with me on Facebook and I seem a little stressed just remind me that in a couple of weeks (10 to be exact) I will be jetting off to France with Ilyse.  Ah…. just typing that makes me feel better already!

If you would like a more in-depth look at exactly what we will be doing and where we will be going you can visit:

Sorry for the long link there… I have yet to figure out why I can’t get the link to not appear and instead have wording to click on… oh well, can’t excel at everything I guess.

As always you can call me at  888 877 8464, visit my website at email me at or visit my facebook page at  You have no excuse!!

Have a wonderful day… great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day out there to all those women that mother some one or some thing in their lives!


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Owner of Champagne Vacations and Travel Consultant for almost 20 years. If I can't go myself, I will send you there!
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2 Responses to How I deal with the stresses of everyday life…..

  1. Gil Coon says:

    Your river trip looks to be relaxing, informative, and picturesque. You and your daughter will be spending some quality time together for creating life-long memories. Good for you! Did you use a travel agent to book your trip? :>)

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