It’s a Small World After All……

Now tell me that you aren’t singing already…. cute song but that isn’t the focus of this blog….

It’s a small world can mean many things…. like when you bump into someone and you start talking and you realize that you know the same person… “It’s a small world!” and you laugh and go away thinking that wow, it really is a small world…

Or when, like this blog, you can talk to people who live hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away… conversing like you are neighbors and realizing that people aren’t really all that different… in South Africa I have a friend that says “cross thumbs” while here in the US we say “cross fingers” when hoping that something works out our way…. small world eh?

Then there is the way that I am getting to for the purpose of this series of blogs…

I live in Charlotte, NC.. population of a little over 1,000,000 people… and sometimes I feel like they all live within one mile of me… that they all have decided to grocery shop on the same day in the same grocery store as I have or they are all craving Italian food on the same night as me or they all decided to go out and drive the route that I take to the bank at the same time… ugh.. not enough distance between me and everyone around me because it seems that the world is just too small!!

What the hell is the point that Suzanne is trying to make???  You know how my mind works, until I tell you, you just don’t know… but it is this…

When I vacation I don’t want to travel with thousands of my closest friends… I don’t want to stand in line for an ice cream cone like I have to do in my town of 1,000,000 residents… I don’t want to travel to an exotic foreign destination and while drinking a tall fruity cocktail in the local tiki bar look at the guy next to me and realize that last night I also drank a tall fruity cocktail at the bar on the ship with him…. ugh!  (and no I don’t mean my boyfriend.. am talking strange guys!)

So what I am driving at is this… we don’t have to!  Sure there are tons of ships out there with the capacity of 5,000 vacationers that are all surfing or playing putt putt or sliding down elaborate water slides while floating on the ocean, if we want to travel like that, but the older I get the less I want that…

I want to sit and have a wonderful meal that is nice and warm and made fresh.  I want to travel on a ship that if I have to climb the stairs it is just two or three levels and not 15 (better yet on a river cruise with one set of stairs).  And what is wonderful is that there are quite a few options out there for people like me that want to travel and see the world in a more intimate fashion.  Now I am always spouting at the mouth about river cruises… and those are always my very favorite way to travel but I also realize that 100 – 160 people might be a little too intimate for some people so in this blog and in those coming up I am going to be highlighting smaller ocean liner companies and what they have to offer for those people like myself that want to feel like It’s a Small World After All!

This week…. Seabourn Cruise Lines…

Seabourn Cruise Line has six ships in a class all their own.  Their ships carry between 208 and 450 guests each in a style that evokes a voyage aboard a private yacht.  Each ship offers all-suite accommodations with grand ocean views, many with private verandas and a wealth of onboard amenities, activities and dining options.   Gorgeous outdoor pools and relaxing whirlpools, stylish shops and boutiques, intimate show lounges with spacious dance floors.  An Observation Bar which is a sophisticated lounge with sweeping ocean views.. the Club and Sky Bar with live music, dancing and nightcaps and of course that all time favorite Casino featuring roulette, blackjack, poker and slots. 

The newer Seabournn Odyssey, Seabourn Sojourn and Seabourn Quest (the Quest is pictured above) also feature:  Seabourn Square which is an innovative concierge lounge with library, coffee bar and computer center and a state of the art two deck spa, the largest in ultra-luxury cruising (you will never find me in a gym… but you can always find me in a spa!!)

What is the Seabourn Difference?

Unique itineraries to must-see cities and hidden gems where larger ships cannot go.

Open bars throughout the ship, and fine wines poured at lunch and dinner.

All dining venues are complimentary – dine where, when and with whom you wish.

Gourmet dining experiences that rival the finest restaurants anywhere.

Complimentary welcome champagne and in-suite bar stocked with your preferences.

Tipping is neither required nor expected – service is simply to delight you.

And where are these small exotic ports?  On your typical Barcelona to Rome Western Mediterrain cruise you would visit Barcelona, Livorno (which is how you would see Florence or Pisa) maybe Cannes and maybe Naples sometimes Marseille. 

On a Seabourn cruise from Barcelona to Rome you would can see Barcelona and Valencia, Spain; Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain; Trapani and Catania, Sicily; Sorrento and Lipari Island, Italy and Mgarr and Valletta (which I must admit I Googled and found out they are located on the island of Malta).  Hey, if I need to Google some of these ports then I would think that they are pretty exotic and out of the way destinations and not the “norm” for a Barcelona to Rome cruise….

So what is not to love…. all suite accomodations, exotic ports, traveling with no more than 450 people at a time and great food!

I hear alot of times (from people that have never cruised before usually) there is nothing to do on a ship… I don’t want to feel trapped… I think I will get bored…. you get the drift.. so what can you do on a Seabourn cruise?

Work out in your ship’s well-equipped fitness center, with cardio and resistance equipment. Strengthen your core with complimentary Pilates and yoga classes, or book a private session with a personal trainer. Expand your horizons in the library, at a port lecture or at one of their many inspiring enrichment programs. Enjoy a complimentary Massage MomentSM on deck. Indulge your need for pampering at the spa, or pamper your palate at a food or wine tasting. Many voyages feature their signature Caviar in the SurfSM Beach Party or a Marina DaySM, inviting you to enjoy complimentary watersports right from the back of your ship.

So it is possible to have all the perks of cruising on an ocean liner with all the special amenities of traveling with a small group.  And with so many of these smaller ship cruise lines that I will be bringing you over the next couple of weeks you will find that the pricing is generally more all-inclusive than those mega-ships are with many times gratuities, drinks or even shore excursions included in the price of your cruise.

Now I don’t typically like to use my blog to “sell, sell, sell” but hey it is my job and I have to pay the bills… usually I like to use my blog to inform and occasionally rant a little.. but I do have a special offer on Seabourn Cruises good until the 1st of August… but you have to call or email for more information as I feel it would be tacky to put it here since I am trying to “inform” you with this article.

So for that special OR for more information on a Seabourn Cruise please call me at 888 877 8464 or drop me an email at or log onto my website at or even better leave me a comment on the blog, especially if you have experienced first hand a Seabourn Cruise and you want to share that experience with us!  Feel free!


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