Now we are Taucking!

So… did I spell “talking” wrong?  Those of you that are my travel agent friends, and maybe even some of you experienced travelers know that I am not talking about talking I am talking about Tauck…

In our continuing series of how to travel and see the world without feeling like the whole world is right there with you we are visiting the world of Tauck.  

Tauck is a wonderful company.. family owned and operated.  They carry many different products and they are all centered around traveling in smaller groups to wonderful exotic locations and while you are in their care you are treated like a rock star for sure!

Let’s focus on their Small Ship Sailing product.   They have only 10 itineraries.. and they are seasonal so that you are seeing that particular location in the prime time for travel.   From the Dalmatian Coast and Venice to the Land of Fire and Ice that is Iceland… visit Antarctica or if you want something a little more tropical Panama Canal and Costa Rica…  from St. Petersburg Russia to Peru & the Galapagos Islands.. well you get my drift. 

Tauck connects people and places with the promise of inspirational travel experiences.  They feel that HOW you see the world matters!

They take care of every detail so you connect ashore with people, places and cultural traditions.  Shore excursions are a well-choreographed blend of cultural sightseeing and time at leisure (and they are included in the initial price of your cruise!!).  Dining ashore is included also so you can get a genuine taste of regional cuisine.. they realize that you don’t necessarily want to eat every meal onboard.  Also ALL your gratuities are included!  No tipping the luggage handler or the local guide or the ship’s crew at the end of the cruise… Tauck takes care of all of that for you.

I have to laugh sometimes when people comment on the price of some of these small luxury ship experiences… how “expensive” they are… when many times after getting off of their mid-priced mass market cruise ship if they were to add up the costs.. the cruise, port charges, govt taxes and fees, drinks, shore activities and gratuities; the pricing is very comparable… but THEY didn’t get all the special amentities that smaller cruise ships can give you.. perhaps they didn’t do every shore excursion they would have liked due to the costs involved.. with Tauck you can experience everything with no guilt attached!  And NONE of the food you eat while on vacation has any calories or fat and you won’t gain a pound! (Okay, I am lying about that part… but not the other stuff!)

With the variety of cruise ships that Tauck uses on their itineraries you are only sailing with between 40 – 264 guests… some are small cruise ships, some yachts and some are expeditionary vessels.. but they are all comfortable and relaxed.  Tauck owns and charters ships from many different companies… so you will see the Aegean on the tall sail ships of Windstar.  Experience Peru on the luxury yacht Isabela II.  New for 2013 is the Le Soleal which joins Le Boreal and L’Austral.

A picture is always worth a thousand words.. so a video should be worth at least a million I would say… so feel free to visit Tauck’s website and check out their wonderful Video Library.  I tried to post a video but you know my knowledge of this WordPress site can sometimes fall short.

There are so many ways to see the world.. and don’t shy away from these smaller sized group cruise or tours…  what you feel is expensive when all is said and done will be comparable and sometimes LESS than those mega-liners or large 50+ group tours…

On a side note, new for 2013 from Tauck is special pricing for those that not only like to travel in small groups but also like to travel by themselves… Solo Travelers enjoy Special Savings in Category 1 Cabins – No Single Supplement on all European River Cruises!

The single price in Category 1 is the same as the double price, which means savings of up to 50% for solo travelers on every departure of every European river cruise!

So be the Tauck of all your friends!  And remember Tauck is cheap (well not cheap but really affordable when you add up everything that is included!)  okay, no more play on words I promise… if you want more information or would like a brochure  mailed to you on their 2013 cruises email me at or visit my website at or if you want to Tauck to me (so I lied again) call me at 888 877 8464!


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  1. Pete says:

    Tauck about funny! 🙂

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