Tick tock tick tock…. less than 2 weeks till we hit Paris and the Seine!

You can always tell when I am getting ready to head out of town… my blog posts start to slow down… I try to blog at least once a week, I don’t like to overwhelm everyone with posts but give you at least something each week…

Ilyse and I are getting ready to head out on the 28th of July for our week-long river cruise on the Seine from Paris to Normandy with Uniworld River Cruises on their River Baroness, so I have been busy making sure that those of you I have traveling right around the same time I am, or if I am working on helping someone plan an upcoming trip that I don’t leave you hanging while I am off gallivanting around the world!

So that said I did want to touch base and tell you to make sure that you “stay tuned” for what will hopefully be a daily blog while we are sailing the Seine… and this time hopefully Ilyse will be giving us a viewpoint from a 16 year old’s eyes vs. my old-well-travelled ones…

Here is an example of what you might be hearing from her…. so I tell her that once we leave Paris we will be hitting various cities along the Seine and mid-way through we will be at the beaches of Normandy… what did she ask?  should she bring her bathing suit?   Now that comment I would have to say is not a shining example of the school that she attends… she is going to be a Junior in High School and I guess they have never touched on WWII and what Normandy really is… so that alone is one of the stops that I am really looking forward to… I have never been and she doesn’t understand the meaning of Normandy.. but she soon will and I can’t wait to share that with all of you..

So lets cross fingers that the internet gods are with me and I can also share some photos along with our daily events… make sure you click on the “follow” link so that you will get an email when I publish my posts and please share the blog with others!

If you have any questions or want me to check on anything for you while I am in Northern France drop me an email at info@achampagnevacation.com or make a comment on the blog… many of you email me direct after reading the blog but it would be great if you could post your comments on the blog itself in case it is a question that someone else is also wondering about!



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