It’s summertime… and here come the re-runs!

Now when I was growing up Summer was the time for reruns of the shows on TV.  They don’t do that anymore, I think that they have shows that just come out for the summer… also when I was growing up those shows were in black and white but now I am dating myself…

So I am going to throw back to those yester-years and since I am getting ready to head out on Saturday with my daughter to Paris for my river cruise I thought I would “re-run” a previous post’s theme…

This time though I will call it “Christmas in July”.

Back a couple of months ago I posted about how you really needed to plan early for your holiday-time travels… and a perfect way to celebrate the season is with a Holiday Market Cruise.  This way you can travel the beginning of December or even into mid December, get into that wonderful holiday season with the winter-like weather, do some wonderful shopping at gorgeously decorated markets and then actually get back home to celebrate with the rest of the family… it is a win win!!

But another Christmas in July theme is many times SALES! 

I currently have a great deal on a holiday market cruise from Vienna to Nuremburg sailing December 15th – 22nd on Uniworld River Cruises’ River Empress.  If you book a cabin (and space is limited don’t forget) prior to August 31st you can save $250.00 pp off of the brochure price for the cruise!  This is ON TOP OF the regular $150.00 pp savings for early booking and if you are a past guest you would get ANOTHER $100.00 pp off the cruise… so we are looking at (let me get my calculator!)  $500.00 pp for past guests or $400.00 pp off of first time cruisers to Uniworld!

Already on this sailing the two lower category cabins are sold out.  But there is still space in the Category 3, 2 & 1 cabins… and the River Empress, which was just refurbished head to toe in 2010 is a wonderful ship.

If you can’t make that particular sailing though we have plenty of other sailing opportunities that can still give you savings and allow you all that wonderful holiday spirit!  Wouldn’t it be nice to be REALLY looking forward to the holidays instead of dreading them?

If you would like more information please email me at  or call 888 877 8464!

And keep in mind from the 28th of July – 5th of August I will be sailing on a Uniworld ship myself!

So, sorry for the re-run… however I did try to make it worth your while… if your travel calendar is still empty for this December!

And look on the bright side, at least you didn’t have to sit through a Ronco commercial for the Pocket Fisherman or my very favorite.. Veg-o-Matic!  Who doesn’t like Julienne Fries! Which by the way did you know that Julienne Fries Day is August 12th?  

Really Suzanne… shouldn’t you be packing???



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