There is a Battle a “Brewing”!

The mountains of Western North Carolina have seen many battles over the years…. early settlers and the Cherokee Indians, the Rebels and the Yanks.. but just when you think that there is Peace now in the Valley I am here to report otherwise!

Living in Charlotte we have the best of both worlds.  We are just about 3 hours to the beaches and a little shorter distance to the mountains.  I am not a beach kind of girl but I do love my mountains!  So when we want to take a quick getaway we usually head up to the Maggie Valley – Cherokee area of WNC (Western North Carolina for ya’ll that don’t know).  Really truth be told it is the Cherokee Casino that draws us but it doesn’t hurt that the location is so scenic.

So this past weekend we decided that a quick one night getaway would be a good refueling for the soul and we set out on Saturday to do just that.  But this time we decided that rather than stay up at the Casino we would just drive and find someplace with availability in Maggie Valley.

Jonathan's Creek Inn Maggie Valley NC

We found a great place with Jonathon Creek Inn and Villas.  Located on a creek (thus the name) the hotel was very clean, reasonably priced and their area out back on the creek had many picnic tables, swings and grilling areas.  The perfect getaway!

While we were checking in we asked about the pancake house across the street called “Joey’s Pancake House”.  Having been to Cherokee many times we always pay a visit to “Peter’s Pancakes and Waffles” which we were told by the employees at Cherokee had “the best pancakes in the area”.  So you can imagine our shock when the gal at the hotel told us the Joey’s “blew away Peters”… them is fighting words and we are always ready for a fight!  We decided that the next morning we would put Joey to the test!

Joey's Pancake House Maggie Valley NC

Will Joey win the battle of the Pancakes???

And I hope that you all appreciate my efforts because technically I am on a diet trying to lose 10 lbs before my 50th birthday next month… so far I am thinking of legally changing my birthday and delaying it by about 2 more months because I think that now I might have to lose about 12 lbs….

Peter's Pancakes and Waffles, Cherokee NC

All I can say is Yummy!

Peter’s Pancakes we fell in love with first because of the view off their backroom of the restaurant… a beautiful creek runs through it… wonderful to sit and look at while sipping a cup of their strong coffee.  The service is good, the waitresses are always very personable.  The only negative that I could come up with would be that the decor is a little dated and perhaps a little more cleaning in the public areas could be done… but their sanitation grading is still very high.


The first time we ate there Matt ordered a waffle and I ordered sausage gravy and biscuits… both were awesome, but the waffle blew everything away!  It was delicious.. so much so that the next morning we came back for breakfast again and we both ordered the waffles.  Matt had eggs and bacon added to his.  We asked if they sold the mix and she said that they just bought it at the store… (I have yet to find it)  Again it was wonderful and we left dreaming of another return visit to Cherokee primarily for the waffles because the Casino has been really just very mean to us lately!

Peters is open from 6:30 am to 2:00 pm where you can get breakfast during that whole time.  A family owned business which I believe has been around since the 60’s.

So frankly, Joey’s had a lot to live up to!  We arrived to breakfast on Sunday morning a little after 10 am.  The restaurant is open from 7 am – Noon and they have been in business they tell us since 1966.

We were told by all that we asked that there is always a wait and they were right, but the gals that run the front area really ran it like clockwork.  We were told about a 10 minute wait and they were right on.  While we sat there waiting, they gave us some complimentary coffee and we had wonderful views from the full glass waiting area of the surrounding mountains.

When our number was called we were very excited to enter their “inner sanctum” that was not visible from the waiting area.  To our delight we entered the restaurant that was bright and full of some of the most beautiful Dahlias at every table I had ever seen (locally grown).  The tables were clean, the display areas that held their cups and various souvenirs with their Joey’s Pancake logos were also gleaming.  I would have to say in the battle of the cleanliness Joey’s won hands down.

I ordered the Blueberry Pancakes and an order of chipped beef on toast (from my army years always a favorite of mine)  Matt ordered one of their specials which was pancakes, eggs and bacon and he added in the hash brown casserole for an additional .90.

Our food arrived very quickly… and when we took our initial bites our eyes locked across the table and it was love at first bite “WOW” was all we could say.  We knew in that moment that the battle was over as far as we were concerned… Joey’s had won, hands down.  While Peter’s is really great food, Joey’s pancakes melted in your mouth.. you know how you eat some pancakes and they are like lead in your stomach?  Very heavy?  These were so light that I think I could have eaten half a dozen and not even batted an eye!

Joey's Pancake House Maggie Valley, NCPricing between the two is very comparable.  Menu choices you will find more on Joey’s than Peter’s.  Joey’s sells their pancake mix, something that I would suggest that Peter also do because I would have bought some that first day we went.  Did I buy Joey’s? No because I always need an excuse to go back up to the mountains!

For more information on both restaurants you can visit their sites!  Joey’s Pancake House  or Peter’s Pancakes and Waffles.


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