This has nothing to do with the series I am doing on my next adventure to Turkey and beyond, but this blogger always has such wonderful stories and BEAUTIFUL pictures that I thought I would share this article with you. Enjoy… I LOVE lavender and still to this day regret going to Provence in May and missing them! Next time though!!

Victor Travel Blog

By Irina.

I’d like to visit France three times:

– In the beginning of summer, Normandy, when plump French cows are put out to graze on young, lush grass, and their milk smells of spring, which means that fresh, soft, young Brie cheese covered with flavored rind would be the highest quality. Moreover, Mont Saint Michel might look fantastic against the green-blue background of summer. Although I suppose this abbey looks wonderful on the background of leaden clouds too.

– In the middle of summer, Provence, to catch a sight of lavender fields.

– And in autumn for the New Wine Festival. Although maybe we would choose Italy for this event.

So, the summer vacation came up, and we decided to go to the south of France to seek lavender fields. Don’t ask me, “Why seek them? They are all over the place there.” As it turned out, to capture…

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  1. The lavender in Provence start to blossom in June, not in May.
    Thank you for repost.

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