Cue the Crickets……

Chirp… Chirp… Chirp…..

Yes it has been pretty quiet around here.  My witty think-tank seems to have dried up.

Now I could say something like my daughter would say “No one else has been blogging very much either lately”… but then I would have to come back with “I don’t care what everyone else is doing…”  you know the drill with the teenagers and it doesn’t change with those middleagers either!

Maybe it is the barrage of political ads bombarding us on TV, in our mailboxes or those wonderful pre-recorded phone calls throughout the day.  Is it the change in the weather or the seasons or that pesky Hurricane Sandy?? (Someone owes someone $5 at the Hurricane Naming Center on that one)  Am I not eating enough fiber rich foods???  Who knows!

But I have to snap out of it right quick because in less than a week now I hop on that plane and fly off to Istanbul for what I know will be a wonderful cruise with Crystal on board the Serenity (ah… just the name relaxes me!)

So this is crunch time…. I need to buy a new suitcase, start monitoring the weather overseas, stop eating, try on all those clothes that I only wear when I travel, tell myself that I don’t know why I bought these clothes I don’t like the way that I look in them, then tell myself what does it matter I am never going to see any of these people again, pack everything up, go over my list a  hundred times and then that final step; obsess over whether my suitcase is over weight and if so what can I quickly take out of it at the airport.

And I wonder why I am so tired

Then I have to turn on the global function for my cell phone plan and turn off my paper delivery.  Turn on the international charging on my charge cards and turn off that little voice in my head that says “your daughter is going to throw a great big party while you are gone halfway around the world”  Turn on all my auto-reply messages that say “I am out-of-town but will return your email within 24 hours” and turn off my hearing so I don’t hear my boyfriend say “Why can’t we ever take a vacation that you don’t work during?”

Are you tired yet?

I know… none of you are feeling any sympathy for me.. I am leaving 2 days prior to the election so I am going to be missing out on all those calls, flyers and TV ads while you have to sit and listen to that pre-recorded phone message from Joe Blah Blah Jr. who is running for one of the 6 seats for county commissioner in district 12.  Big stuff.. hate to miss it… let me know how it turns out!

So depending on the internet access on board the ship and whether it will only cost a little or will cost me my first-born (who will be spending 10 days trying to get the stains off the furniture, gluing together my buddha collection and trying to die the cats back to their original colors), I will be blogging my way from Turkey to Greece to Italy.  If not stay tuned to a barrage of Blog postings from me telling you the tales of my trip.

I hope everyone has a great couple of weeks while I am out and about!

Cue those crickets again… Suzanne has left the Blog!

Chirp… Chirp… Chirp







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