Has a Hospice organization ever touched your life? Would you like to say, Thank You?

I know, this following post has nothing to do with travel what-so-ever… well I take that back, if you decide to find it in your heart to help me with my latest “quest” you will have to travel to the post office.. but other than that nothing else will be travel related…

I am posting this on my blog because Facebook has made it very difficult to create an “event” where I can say more than 10 words about something that I would like to invite my friends and family and acquaintances to undertake with me.

Some of you may know that I am a volunteer with the Hospice and Palliative Care, Charlotte Region organization.  While for many years I have visited with patients in nursing homes, hospitals or their homes and helped their family members with respite, since January of this year and the opening of the Levine & Dickson Hospice House at Southminster (LDHH-S) here in Charlotte I also volunteer every Saturday and take a shift at the House.

Knowing that the word “No” is not in my vocabulary (unless you are my kid or my boyfriend.. then No is always lurking) I was also asked to help out with the House and become their Donations Coordinator… what is that you ask? 

Well basically I see what is needed at the House, that we have no budget for, and I then search high and low for individuals, clubs, civic organizations, schools, churches etc etc that might be able to help me obtain these items.

The reason for this particular blog is that currently I am desperately seeking Prayer Shawls, the need is great in a 10-bed facility and since we are so new at this facility I currently am taking from our other House in Huntersville, NC

What is a Prayer Shawl?

Prayer shawls are given to patients in homes, long term care communities and at our Levine & Dickson Hospice Houses (LDHH). With each patient, they provide a little extra love for those who need to know someone is thinking of them. The hospice house is where we actually have the opportunity to make them part of a special ritual for patients. At LDHH a cozy prayer shawl is provided for each new patient admitted. These heartfelt gifts provide great comfort during the patient’s stay at the hospice house. The shawls also play an important role in the ceremony at LDHH, held by staff and family members, to honor the patient’s life after they have died.

The shawl that provided softness and warmth in life is lovingly placed over the patient in death. Twigs of rosemary, symbolizing remembrance, are cut fresh from the grounds of LDHH, tied with ribbon, and then hung on the door of the patient’s room. When it is time to escort the patient from the building, the lights are dimmed, a candle is lit, and with soft music playing, the staff joins the caregivers in a slow procession. Both the rosemary bouquet and the shawl are then presented to the family for tangible keepsakes of remembrance.

So as you can see, they serve a wonderful purpose in each patients stay and then for the family they are leaving behind.

What am I asking you to do? 

Do you knit?  Do you crochet? Do you know someone that does?  Do you have yarn that you are not using?  Could you make a prayer shawl and mail it to me?  Could you take that unused yarn and mail it to me?  If you live in the Charlotte area I will be more than happy to come and pick it up… but if you are out of town (and here comes the travel part) could you drop it in a box and mail it off to me?

If every one of you that reads this could make a shawl and send it to me I would have hundreds of shawls, more than enough to where I could then return the favor of the shared shawls with the Huntersville house.

There is no “set” pattern for a prayer shawl.. I just ask that it be between 20 – 24″ wide and 60″ long (it can be fringed or it doesn’t have to be).  I have just Googled “Prayer Shawl” and  you can find many free patterns online.  It can be one color it can be striped… and while it is being made I would just like you to remember how much it is going to be helping a patient or their family during an extremely difficult time… and beyond. 

I hope that very soon I will be seeing a slew of boxes filled with wonderful shawls arriving at this address:

8417 Southgate Commons Dr., Charlotte, NC  28277

Thanks so much for your time… please share this post with anyone that you know that might also be able to help with this project!  I am busy crocheting away as fast as I can but I sure could use your help!!

Take care!




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