Rouen… A Happening Place Way Back When… and Last Week too!

Ah… yes, the blog looks different doesn’t it?  It is called going in to make a small change and losing the whole template all together!  What the hell did I click on?  I have no idea.  Then scrambling to find another that I like… it was quite a morning!

Rouen France outside the square of Joan of ArSo, on to today’s happening on our river cruise adventure.  It is “Wednesday, August 1st”… and as you know we are still docked in the town of Rouen, France.  The ship is docked so close to the historical area of town that today we will be having a walking tour.  We all divide up into 4 groups with one being those rowdy “Gentle Walker” folks and head out.


Richard the Lionheart Burial at Rouen

Here is one of Richard’s three burial sights

Our guide today was very knowledgeable.. sometimes maybe a bit too but we did find out many interesting facts of the city.  As you know from the blog of a couple of days ago Richard the Lionhearts’ heart is buried here.  Also Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in this town.  Apparently one of her sins was that she heard voices, good thing that isn’t a crime today (the voice inside my head just wanted me to make sure that I told you all that I don’t hear any voices in my head… ever)

 We visited the sight of her burning and there is now a church on that location.  I didn’t realize this but when they burned people back then they just took the ash remains and threw them in the Seine… so no burial-place.  So while Richard got three locations Joan has no burial location.

Rouen France

Normally I would lean against this.. now I know better!

Other little tidbits I learned.  Back hundreds of years ago black cats were buried under the thresholds of homes for good luck (my black cat Lulu has no comment).  If you didn’t want male passerby’s to use the corners of your home as a bathroom you could build a “pee stop”… this one is located outside the church and the bishop’s residence (it is the “mossy” looking area of the concrete).  And here I thought I was too old to learn anything useful anymore!

Rouen was one’s of Ilyse’s favorite stops too because she was finally able to do some shopping!  And due to this fact she now wants to live in Rouen when she is old enough to move out (and last year it was NYC because you didn’t need to drive a car and the year before it was Dublin because all the college students had green and purple hair and the year before that it was Rome because their graffiti was really cool….)

Clock of Rouen

The center of town and the shopping area!

What is nice is we were close enough to the ship that we could do our walking tour… do a little shopping, return to the ship for some lunch and then go back out to the town and do some more shopping and walking around.  So by the time the ship set sail at 7:00 pm we were all shopped out and ready for our dinner, which we got to enjoy more scenery on the Seine as we cruised and ate.

Cruising the Seine River at duskAfter dinner we all went up to the Sun Deck, wrapped ourselves up in blankets and enjoyed the views from there as we sailed to our next port of Caudebec-en Caux which when we arrived at 10:30 was bathed in moonlight.  A beautiful little town that would be our starting point for tomorrow’s visit to Honfleur!


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